DAY-1 :

Receive from Jeddah airport and Transfer Makkah and checkin to MILLINIUM TOWER (Ex- HILTON) in MAKKAH .

After Dinner., Do perform Umrah at the @MASJID AL-HARAM (BUILD TO PERFORM UMRAH for all Muslims) .

DAY-2 and 3 :

Do perform the regular Prayer and Tawaf @ masjid Al-HARAM.


Do perform the Jum'a Prayer @ masjid Al-HARAM.

DAY-5 :

Do participate on Makkah ziyarah by bus. Visiting places are :

Mount Thour&Noor(cave hira) , Arafath , Mina , Muzthalifa , Jamrath , Maqbarathulmu’allah , Masjid Ayisha ( Than’im).

DAY-6,7, 8, 9:

Do perform the regular Prayer and Tawaf @ masjid Al-HARAM.

DAY-10 :

After Breakfast transfer to Madinah and checkin to the Hotel RAMA AL MADINAH HOTEL and Do visit to MASJIDAl-NABAWI and say Salaam to Prophet Mohamed(SAW) , Khaliphas of Islam Abu Bakr Sidhiq and Umar Bin Khathab(Rali)

DAY-11 :

After the Jum’a in MASJIDAl-NABAWI,Ziyarah around the MASJIDAl-NABAWI.Visiting places are : Masjid of AbuBakr , UmarandAli , Usman (rali) Houses , MasjidGhamama , etc ,.

DAY-12 :

Local Ziyara Around Madhina by Bus, like :

Masjid – Al Quba, Al Qiblatine , Al Jum’a , Mount Uhodh , Sab’ah Masjid, Dates factory.

DAY- 13 :

Do perform the regular Prayer@masjidAl-NABAWI. And Attending Exhibitions like Qur’an Exhibition , ProphetMuhammed (SAW) Exhibition , Asmaul Husna and MasjidAl-Nabawi construction Exhibition.

DAY- 14:

Do perform the regular Prayer and iftar @ masjid Al-NABAWI.


Checkout from the Hotel and Transfer to the airport @ Jeddah .

Makkah : Package includes 2 Rooms of Quint bed sharing Room only @ MilliniumTower.

Madinah: Rooms @Hotel Rama Al Madinah or Similar with 3Rooms of Quard bed Sharing.

FOOD: Makkah: Package include of Parcel Food delivery @the Millinium Tower Gate @MAKKAH.

Madinah: Buffet food is possible if we have Other package haaji are combined in the same Hotel

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